Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Watcher's Council Results & A Welcome

Before announcing the week's results, let me welcome our newest member of the Watcher's Council, The Razor, who was selected by the Watcher to replace departing member Rightwing Nuthouse. That said, the posts have been reviewed and the votes for this weeks submissions for the best posts have been tallied by the Watcher. And the winners are:


There were three really good posts this week. They were so close that I literally decided between them with coin flips. And it showed in the closeness of the voting as those three posts placed first, first and second. Winning by a tiebreaker decided by the Watcher was Bookworm Rooms insightful post, Why Jews Are Right To Suspect Obama's Advisers. Losing the tiebreaker was Soccer Dad's well crafted letter to the NYT, Dear Mr Hoyt, about their bias and their failure to cover the libel case in the al Dura affair. A very honorable mention needs to go to the Glittering Eye for his post, Strange Device, a fascinating book review that caused to search the local book mongerer for a copy. My own post,Cowbama Diplomacy and Iran, was on an important topic but was very poorly written. I did a draft that I ended up posting before I had a chance to do final edits. I am a writer who needs multiple edits. No matter.

In the non-council category, coming in first was military humor from Iraq - Deep Thoughts with Biggie Smalls by Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal. Coming in second this week was Return to Sender by Iowahawk

You can find the full results of the vote at the Watcher's Council site.

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