Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St. George's Day

To my British friends, I wish you a happy St. George's day. May it be celebrated in each and every corner of your lands.

From Wikapedia: St. George was lived in the third century A.D. He "was, according to tradition, a Roman soldier in the Guard of Diocletian, who is venerated as a Christian martyr. . . . Saint George is one of the most venerated saints in the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches . . . He is immortalized in the tale of Saint George and the Dragon and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. . . . [H]e is regarded as one of the most prominent military saints."

The fine blog, Brits At Their Best, gives a brief history of the importance of St. George to England - ending with the present resurgance of festivities under London's Mayor Boris Johnson to celebrate this central symbol of English nationalism. May the dragons of political correctness be slain.

For my money, Britain also needs to celebrate a Richard the Lionheart day.

At any rate, though not dealing with St. George, you might also want to see this post by Bookwormroom, comparing the leadership of Churchill with Obama. It is a stark contrast.


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GW said...

A superb song. Thanks Peter. I've turned it into a seperate post above.