Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Return to the Council

First up, we have a vacancy on the Watcher's Council. If you would like to join, please visit the Watcher's site. You will find a link to instructions on how to apply on the right sidebar of the site.

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. The Watcher publishes the results each Friday morning.

Terry Trippany plays the role of Watcher of Weasels. Do visit the Watcher's Site for his theme of the week - this week being a video recap of the origins of the sub-prime crisis, a topic made apropos by the suicide today of Freddie Mac's CEO.

This week's nominations are:

Council Submissions

Right Truth - Witch Hunts (and you are the witch)
There are very troubling signs coming from the far left that they really do intend to criminalize political differences. Debbie at Right Truth that, coming on the heals of a DHS Memo painting virtually all conservatives and veterans as dangerous radicals with the capacity to go rogue, the Obama FBI taped the benign tea party events. Add to this the Obama administration green lighting of criminal prosecutions for Bush Administration officials involved in giving legal advice in the War On Terror and you have very ominous storm clouds starting to peak over the horizon.

The Provocateur - Dr. Andrew Agwunobi Strikes Again
Mike covers the highly checkered past of a Dr. now in charge of Providence Health Care and ponders how he can continue to be employed as a CEO in the industry.

Joshuapundit - The Real Holocaust Denial
In response to a speech by Iran's Supreme Mouth yet again intimating the destruction of Israel - a speech given on Holocaust Rememberance Day in Israel. Robert covers the complicity of the Arab World in the holocaust as well as the anti-Israel roles played by Western nations in the aftermath of World War II. Robert sees inexcusable ignorance in the leaders of the West today for deliberately ignoring the signs of an approaching attempt at a second Holocaust.

The Razor - Obama Administration Sucking Moonbats Out of Private Sector
This is a great post that actually deals more with how and why newspapers are sinking today than anything else. The starting point for the essay is the Obama hire of a true radical, Rosa Brooks, into his administration - and out of the world of newspaper journalism.

Rhymes With Right - About The Secession Thing
RWR gives us his view on the secession talk of his governor. I disagree strongly with his conclusions - as the saying goes, a house divided . . . That said, the thought of armed insurrection to free political prisoners, should the Obama Administration go forward with its plans to criminalize dissent does sound reasonable to me.

The Glittering Eye - For the Want of a Horseshoe Nail
David looks at an excellent economic barometer in his own back yard - the ability of a neighbor and contractor to get credit for a bond.

Bookworm Room - Honing our arguments
BWR looks at the bright side of trolls - arguing with them, while it can be frustrating, also improves one's own thought process and reasoning skills for deal with the simply misguided.

Soccer Dad - Preoccupied with occupation
Soccer Dad is on the same page with Seraphic Secret on this one, and I would recommend reading the two posts together. The bottom line of both posts is that "occupation" of Arab lands is not the cause of Arab - nor Iranian - violence against Israel. That is merely a pretense.

Wolf Howling - Throwing Green Fuel On An Economic Fire
I think the decision to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant will be devestating to our economy.

Non-Council Submissions

Submitted By: Right Truth - American Daughter - The Intimidation Begins

Submitted By: The Provocateur - Portfolio - Confessions of a TARP CEO’s Wife

Submitted By: Joshuapundit - Doug Ross@Journal - Let Them Eat Dirt

Submitted By: The Razor - The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute - The Coming of the Fourth American Republic

Submitted By: Rhymes With Right - Right On The Left COast - Close West Point?

Submitted By: The Glittering Eye - Rortybomb - Ban Mortgage Prepayment Penalties at the Federal Level, 1: Texas

Submitted By: Bookworm Room - Britannica Blog - Shock peace therapy for the mideast

Submitted By: Soccer Dad - Elder of Ziyon - More of those “civilians” killed in Gaza (UPDATED)

Submitted By: Wolf Howling - AIFD - Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists

Submitted By: The Watcher - Thomas Sowell at The Jewish World Review - Are You an ‘Extremist’?


Dinah Lord said...

I keep pinching myself, I'm so thrilled that you are back, GW.

You had me worried, dude.

Debbie said...

Glad that you are back. I'm the newbie at Watcher of Weasels Council, but have always followed member blogs. I've always been a big fan of your site.

You've overcome something traumatic and you seem to be back with a vengeance. good for you.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

GW said...

Thanks much Dinah and Debbie, I do appreciate it.