Sunday, April 26, 2009

The War On Christianity & Free Speech In The UK

Since the days of the French Revolution, the socialist left has been waging a war on Christianity. They are winning it in Britain. Today's obscenity - a senior teacher in Britain's public (gov't) school system - a system whose quality has been dropping like a brick in the ocean since Labour got their hands it over a decade ago - was suspended when he walked out of a compulsory lecture being given on a training day for teachers. The topic of the training - promotion of a homosexual agenda in the schools. The teacher, a Christian, was appalled and walked out. Then he was suspended from teaching for privately expressing his principled discontent.

This from the Daily Mail:

A senior teacher has been suspended from his £50,000-a-year job after he complained that a training day for staff was used to promote gay rights.

Kwabena Peat, 54, was one of several Christian staff who walked out of the compulsory session at a North London school after an invited speaker questioned why people thought heterosexuality was natural.

The presentation was given by Sue Sanders, a co-founder of the Schools Out organisation which campaigns for gay equality in education.

According to Mr Peat, Ms Sanders, herself a lesbian, said that staff who did not accept that being gay was normal had ‘issues’ they had to deal with.

Mr Peat, a history teacher who is also a head of year, said he was upset that people who disagreed on religious grounds had no chance to respond.

He wrote privately to the three staff members who organised the session, complaining about Ms Sanders’ ‘aggressive’ presentation. In his letter, he cited the Bible and warned that practising homosexuals risked God’s ‘wrath’.

But the staff complained to the school’s principal that they felt ‘harassed and intimidated’ by the letter and, after an investigation, Mr Peat was placed on paid leave. . . .

Read the entire article. To be a Christian in Britain is now to be a second class citizen at best. To express any views contrary to those deemed politically correct by the chattering class is to be subject to acceptable discrimination. This really is outrageous.


MK said...

Oh yeah, it's just another in a long list of fascism foisted by the bastard left in Britain.

This Kwabena fellow should accuse that bitch of racism, in addition to the obvious bigotry, intolerance and fascism. I know it probably has nothing to do with it, but it ought to put some heat on the fascist cow. Leftists like to play dirty, time to sock it back at them i think.

MK said...

And if only there was a muslim fellow in there, a few phone calls and screaming and these cowardly fascists always fold when it concerns muslims, homos be damned.