Sunday, April 26, 2009

In The UK, Socialists Continue Their War On Christianity

As I said in the preceeding posts, socialists are at war against Christianity and freedom of speech as they are, historically, the two largest impediments to the socialist agenda. We see this in full bloom in the UK. Now to add to the evidence of that war, we have an article today from the UK Times discussing how militant secularists, led by the odious and supremely misguided Richard Dawkins, are targeting children and the British education system to remove any trace of Christianity.

This from the Times:

The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS) plans to launch a recruitment drive this summer.

Backed by professors Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling, the initiative aims to establish a network of atheist societies in schools to counter the role of Christianity.

It will coincide with the first atheist summer camp for children that will teach that religious belief and doctrines can prevent ethical and moral behaviour.

The federation aims to encourage students to lobby their schools and local authorities over what is taught in RE lessons and to call for daily acts of collective worship to be scrapped. It wants the societies to hold talks and educational events to persuade students not to believe in God.

Chloƫ Clifford-Frith, AHS co-founder, said that the societies would act as a direct challenge to the Christian message being taught in schools.

She expressed concern that Christian Unions could influence vulnerable teenagers looking for a club to belong to with fundamentalist doctrine.

In particular, she claimed that some students were being told that homosexuality is a sin and to believe the Biblical account of creation.

. . . Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute said: "Atheists are becoming increasingly militant in their desperate attempts to stamp out faith. It is deeply worrying that they now want to use children to attack the Christian ethos of their schools.

"Many parents will also be anxious at the thought of militant atheists targeting their children." . . .

Read the entire article. What I find truly fascinating about these people is how they blithly claim that only by rejecting Christianity is it possible to then find yourself grounded in ethical and moral behavior. The exact opposite is true. Take away Judeo-Christian morality and you are left without mooring to any objective standard of right and wrong. We have at least a few examples of how that worked out during the past century - Stalin, Pol Pot, Che, Castro, and Mao are just a few of the names that pop to mind.

I think it also of interest to note that these fools are directing their ire at Christianity while ignoring the Wahhabi Islamists in their midst. Wahhabi Islam truly is a threat to Western society, but I guess that may be why Dawkins and crew ignore it. It is a measure of their hypocrisy and suicical misguidedness.


Dinah Lord said...

It's pure insanity, GW. And it's hard for me to believe it's actually happening. I truly feel like Alice in Wonderland sometimes.

MK said...

"Wahhabi Islam truly is a threat to Western society, but I guess that may be why Dawkins and crew ignore it."

Exactly, the left see islam as a useful counter to Christianity. They are evil, but they are also stupid, if they succeed at screwing Christianity over, they will have a much harder time with Islam. The atheists are outnumbered by Mulims and once the Christians are gone, they muslims will turn against them.

If the atheists want to know this first hand, head over to an Iran or Syria and try telling people that Allah doesn't exist. He/she will be luck to escape alive.

suek said...

They need Wahhabi islam to prove that "all" religion is detrimental...