Friday, October 12, 2012

And Now, A Comic Interlude - The EU Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Oh, those Euro-lefties, always good for a laugh - and the occasional rewriting of history:

The crisis-hit European Union celebrated in surprise today after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for its historic success in transforming Europe from a “a continent of war to a continent of peace”.

Handing down the award, the judges of the Norwegian Nobel Committee said that the EU had done more than any other institution to foster reconciliation after the Second World War and bury age-old enmities for good.

That is a rewrite of history that would make Stalin blush. If the Nobel lefties really wanted to award the prize to those responsible for the peace in Europe since WWII, the EU would be well down on the list. Either they need to lay that award on the grave of Gen. George Marshall or they need to send it to the American and British tax-payers:

Daftest of all is the notion that the EU itself has kept the peace. It was the Allies led by the Americans, the Russians and the British who defeated and disarmed the Germans in 1945. The German people then underwent the most extraordinary reckoning, transforming their country into an essentially pacifist society. The EU had very little to do with it. Throughout that period it was Nato, led by the Americans and British, which kept the peace in Western Europe. The American taxpayer picked up most of the resulting tab, and the British paid a significant part of the bill too.

Or as Ambrose Evan's Pritchard writes:

The EU's high priests draw on a caricature version of history that must be challenged. The post-war national democracies – nurtured by the Marshall Plan, Nato, and benign American influence, nota bene – are not the problem, they are the solution. They have been the foundation of Europe's peaceful order for 60 years, even if some are not yet fully anchored and secured.

This award to the EU is pure leftie propaganda written at a time when the EU is falling apart under its own weight, both as an economic and as a political model. The EU is the world's largest experiment in socialism. It is an attempt to thoroughly bury the "nation-state" model and substitute continent-wide government by a cadre of unelected, unaccountable technocrats. As Ian Martin at the Telegraph explains:

Under [NATO], the federalists who wanted to reconstruct the notion of Carolingian Empire which dominated 9th century Europe, created what we have come to know and love as the EU. Of course there are advantages in what they constructed – the single market and easier travel, making the South of France and Tuscany more accessible. But they also built an appallingly designed single currency, a horlicks of an agricultural policy and rapacious bureaucracy determined to stifle the nation state in the name of utopian, unachievable continent-wide homogeneity. And at every turn those driving it looked for ways to outwit the democratic will.

At any rate, this one gave me a good laugh this morning. I wonder how long it's been since the Nobel Peace Prize stopped being a prize for actual efforts to promote peace in the world and became a full time propaganda tool of the Euro-left. I would have to mark the full tilt to 2005, when the committee gave the award to Mohammed al-Baradi of the IAEA for his work in thwarting efforts to stop Iran's push to a nuclear weapon, with subsequent awards being made to Al Gore and Obama.

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