Friday, October 19, 2012

Demonization Camouflaged As Humor

There was a time when I would have laughed at the incredibly over-the-top, disparaging and anti-religious humor shown below. I would have seen it for the b.s. that it was, but, having a live and let live philosophy back then, I would have focused on the humorous aspects.

(H/T Bookwormroom)

I don't today because, being older and far wiser (in comparison to my youth, at least) I can see insidious penumbras around such far left humor. One, there is the choice of going after Romney on the basis of religion. The left is an implacable enemy of religion. They want no higher power than a left wing government remaking society with the police power of the state. It is impossible to overestimate how critical the resolution of this fight is to the future of civilization.

Two, this is not just humor for the left, it is a teaching tool to impact on the young and the ignorant. This is a substitute for argument. It has all the depth of most of the arguments posited by the left, where there is no attempt at rationality, only demonization, ridicule, and an attempt to shut down competing arguments.

I have zero patience today for such vile humor, nor any who promote it. Indeed, it is far past time that the majority of Americans dispensed with a live and let live philosophy and start pushing back against the far left at every level. Whoever drew up this tripe should be named and pressure brought to bear against them.

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