Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Two Critical Questions On Benghazi

There are a plethora of questions raised by the Benghazi slaughter, but the two most critical were those the President didn't answer at the Town Hall debate - who denied repeated requests for security and why. The Romney camp should be smelling the blood in the water.

As I pointed out on this blog the day before the Town Hall Debate, the only reason "security professionals" at the State Dept. would refuse requests for increased security in Benghazi, even as evidence mounted that the security situation was seriously deteriorating, would be because of a policy decision approved, if not made, at the Clinton and / or Obama level. So it was no surprise that when an undecided voter explicitly asked Obama "who" refused numerous requests for increase security and "why," Obama spent his two minutes of response time doing everything but addressing those two simple questions.

Someone with much better youtube skills than I has put out a great video highlighting this issue.

This really goes to the heart of not only the Benghazi failure, but the entire failure of the Obama foreign policy. To deny security in Benghazi is prima facie proof of a foreign policy disconnected from reality. So the answer to "who" denied requests for increased security and "why" need to be asked again at the foreign policy debate - and this time, America deserves real answers.

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