Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Debates, Polls & The Far Left's Bubble

Since Romney crushed Obama in the last debate, the polls have swung wildly in Romney's direction, erasing Obama's lead with less than one month and two debates to go before election day. Charles Krauthammer explains both the state of the race and the left's attempt to excuse Obama's debate performance:

The far left are irrational and intolerant of any competing ideas. In their world, their spin is fact beyond question. And in their world, any who disagree are to be demonized, not debated. What we are seeing today is that mindset bump up against reality, as the far left reacts to the Romney-Obama debate.

For much of the left, the post debate meme has settled on asserting that "Romney LIED" during the debate and that Obama simply did not point out those lies, ergo the defeat. That is a view very much from inside the left wing bubble, where it is seen as objective truth, for example, that Romney's tax plan will blow a $5 trillion dollar hole in our economy over ten years. The fact that none of the studies the left cites as proof support their claim is wholly ignored. Likewise ignored, for that matter, is the fact that Obama repeatedly made the $5 trillion claim during the last debate, and in a few sentences, Romney convincingly rebutted it. For the far left, Obama's problem was not objective fact, but that he didn't repeat his claim often enough and did not shout down Romney's rebuttal.

At any rate, Obama has two very clear paths in the upcoming debates. One, he can try to win based on a "vision" that he really will lead the U.S. to an improving economy in four years, an argument he needs to pepper with a heavy dose of class warfare. That seems to me to be his best bet.

But the far left doesn't want that - they want Obama to quite literally eviscerate Romney on stage come the next debate. They firmly believe that if Obama only gets aggressive, if he goes on the attack and screams "lies, Lies, LIES," he will win and reverse the far left's rapidly declining fortunes. Unfortunately for them, the only way this new strategy can work is if the rest of America is willing to join in their fantasies and denial. And given the reaction of America to the first debate, that does not seem likely. Indeed, it risks alienating the majority of voters.

I for one hope that Obama takes the advice of his fellow travelers on the far left. If he does, this race may be over after the second debate.


OBloodyHell said...

Just think... the "Thousand Year Reich" the left thought the 2008 mandate gave them is probably going to last less time than the last "Thousand Year Reich".

GW said...

A pleasant thought, though in retrospect, the damage they have wrought with their short mandate will take us years if not decades to unwind.