Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama Takes 41 Point Lead In Latest Poll

Well, it is a BBC poll, and the people polled were citizens of foreign countries. But from Paris to London to Berlin and parts beyond, the citizens of the world have had their say. They would prefer, by a huge 41 point margin, that the United States stay under the control of the the One. Apparently, they are still snorting the pixie dust left over from Candidate Obama's European tour.

Obama's biggest support - 72% - came from France.  Actually, that wasn't a surprise. You will recall that France, the birthplace of socialism, recently elected a flaming socialist to power in their own country.

And to my sorrow but not surprise, the citizens of the UK are also solidly behind the One, with 65% supporting his reelection. The truth is that the Tory Party is about as far left as our own Democratic Party. That said, considering Obama's shabby treatment of the UK, one would think that our cousins across the pond would be a bit more discriminating.

The country showing the highest support for a Romney presidency? Kenya. Heh. Evidently, they know something.

Notably absent from the poll - Israel.  I wounder why?

All of that said, these people polled are as insane as those who are going to pull the lever for Obama over here. They are either extreme low information 'voters' or they have no understanding of economics or history. The U.S. economy turning around is the key to the world economy returning to health. If they think that Obama can do that, they really are living in a fantasy world.

Finally, with that kind of foreign support, is there any wonder that the Obama campaign is not filtering out foreign donations from their campaign?


Ex-Dissident said...

Don't forget the North Koreans, Venezuelans, and Cubans. I wonder how many of them are registering to vote for Obama.

Ex-Dissident said...

It seems to be a very strange poll. Pakistan had more people supporting Romney than Obama, but still only 20% of them favored either of these candidates. I wonder if most of the people they asked, simply chose their own rulers....Or perhaps most of the people didn't know what the heck they were being asked. Anyway, stupid is as stupid does, and this is stupid stuff.