Friday, October 19, 2012

Tne Year Old Boy With Down's Syndrome Saved By Puppies

Today's feel good story comes with shades of Romulus and Reemus. Kyle Camp, a ten year old boy with Down's Syndrome, wandered from his small town Alabama home late yesterday afternoon and got lost in the woods. When his parents discovered he was missing, over 150 people joined in a search that went on throughout the cold night.

Kyle was found today when one of the searchers followed the family dog who was in search of her pups. Kyle and the pups were found together about a mile and a half deep in the woods. Kyle was not wearing shoes or a jacket. Authorities surmised that Kyle survived his night in cold weather with the puppies sleeping on and next to him for warmth, an assumption Kyle's father confirmed after speaking with his son. Both human and canine families have been happily reunited.