Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cruz Missiles

Ted Cruz entered the GOP primary race on Monday, and the race in the media to define him has officially commenced. Here's a bit of a roll up from the past few days, some pro, some ridiculously con from the left and from potential competitors on the right:

NY Daily News: The Right Roars As Ted Cruz Rises

National Review: Of Course Ted Cruz Could Win

Breitbart: On Global Warming, Cruz Says He's Galileo, Not A Flat Earther [What a perfect analogy]

WaPo: Ted Cruz's Phenomenally Bad Idea [To get rid of the IRS and impose a flat tax]

Campus Reform: Ted Cruz and the Republicans are Resurrecting Discrimination [the story manages to work in every prog buzz word possible - ultra right wing, extremist, etc.]

WaPo: What's Wrong With Ted Cruz [Concern trolling at its finest]

The Week: Cruz Haters Gotta Hate

Via Hot Air: NYT - What Ted Cruz Would Need To Do To Win

Via Hot Air: Politico - Ted Cruz's Strategy: Destroy The 'Mushy Middle'

Via Hot Air: Wapo - In The Senate Where Cruz Played Rough, Scarce Praise For His Presidential Run [Given the performance of Senate Republicans in rolling over to fund Obama's unconstitutional immigration plan through DHS, I consider that a big plus]

Via Hot Air: Mediaite - Rep. Peter King Threatens To Jump Off A Bridge If Cruz Gets The GOP Nomination [Would that he stay true to his word]

Via Hot Air: Bloomberg - Ted Cruz Is No Captain Courageous [Ridiculous essay. Cruz stood against all who aren't conservatives. That's called the courage of one's convictions.]

Via Instapundit: New Yorker - The New Yorker’s John Cassidy Calls Latino Ted Cruz “Uppity.”

Via Instapundit: National Review - Would the Media Allow ‘Cruz Crushing’ if He Were a Hispanic Democrat?

Via Instapundit: Washington Examiner - Think Progress claims Ted Cruz is anti-woman because he supports a flat tax.

Via Instapundit: Ann Althouse On Ted Cruz's Speech At Liberty Univ. - “This is a truly powerful speech. Just brilliant.”

Via Instapundit: - Popehat On NPR's Ted Cruz Racism: “First time I ever heard NPR use the term ‘White Hispanic’ was George Zimmerman. Second time today. Never for Castro, who’s white as snow.”


Roy Lofquist said...

Deja vu all over again. I remember the 1980 election and Ronald Reagan. These media guys all went to their newspaper's morgue and did a global replace substituting Cruz for Reagan.

In my experience, which goes back to Truman, Cruz is the most intelligent candidate we have ever seen. The question that remains is does he he have the wisdom of Eisenhower or Reagan.

GW said...

I think Cruz stands a chance. As to his wisdom, it has to be an improvement on our most recent POTUS.

Jeff said...

Courtesy of Steve Benen:

By Cruz's reasoning, anyone who rejects the consensus of the scientific canon should be seen as a rebellious hero worthy of celebration. It becomes a handy get-out-of-stupid-jail-free card, to be played whenever convenient.

Random guy: I believe rainbows are created by magical mirrors in the sky!

Scientist: Actually, when water refracts light….

Random guy: Call me a heretic if you will, doc, but I’m just like Galileo!

Philip Bump published a more detailed fact-check, noting, among other things„ “Galileo came along well after people knew the Earth was round. People had sailed around the world before he was born! His conflict with the church was that he said the Earth revolved around the Sun, instead of the opposite. (Actually, his conflict with the church was probably more about his views on transubstantiation, but that’s a different topic.) Galileo challenged the orthodoxy based on evidence collected through science.”

The next time Cruz is described as a brilliant conservative with a towering intellect, let’s keep this little incident in mind.

GW said...

Oh, c'mon Jeff. If your point is that Cruz did not use historically accurate analogies, agreed. If your point is that he mixed analogies, agreed.

I am well aware of what happened with Galileo and have even recounted it several times on this blog. That said, Cruz spoke in references as they are commonly understood - that Galileo was a man who pursued scientific truth in defiance of the orthodoxy, and that flat earthers denied science.

As to the level of Cruz's intellect, I have great respect for liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz, though I disagree with him on most issues. The professor describes Ted Cruz as "off the charts brilliant" and one of the "sharpest" he's ever had the pleasure to teach at Harvard law.

As to Cruz's position on Anthropogenic Global Warming, I too have significant problems with the theory. My objections are based on fact, as I assume Cruz's are also. For a full summary of why I believe as I do, see