Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wolf Bites

Bookworm Attempts An Exorcism: Getting a Progressive to “yes” on conservative ideas

Civil Disobedience Can Be A Slippery Slope: Children prevail over tyrannical anti-sledding government

You Vill Be Re-Educated: Young America's Chapter at George Washington Univ. targeted as Hate Group for refusing to attend LBGT sensitivity training

I Didn't Even Know They Had Title IX: Indian Accused Of Rape Murdered By Vigilante Mob

Politics The Chicago Way: Sen. Menendez, Leading Democrat Opponent of Obama's Iran Deal, to be charged with corruption

A Time For Remembering, & Unfortunately, For Some Good Old Fashioned Race Hustling: Sens. Scott, Brown Lead Congressional Delegation to Selma

Look what we dug up: Four Astounding Archaeological Discoveries in the Holy Land

Perhaps For The First Time In History Can This Question Be Asked In Our Society With A Straight Face (Pun intended): Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

From Down Under: How to make an aussie's day

"I Think Everyone Should Be Entitled To Free Speech . . . Except Progressive Left Wing Students:" Another epic rant by Pat Condell

Danish Politicians Stimulating The Minds Of Young Conservatives: La Femme Nakita Klæstrup. And even more stimulation here.

To Repeat What I've Said: The Constitution Has Failed

This Weeks Darwin Award Winners: Men Who Pee On A Beehive Get Stung In Unfortunate Places

"The lines come right out of a bad German porn movie": Six Reason The Wife and I Should Have Skipped 50 Shades of Grey

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