Monday, March 30, 2015

Wolf Bytes: The Missing Trillion Dollars Edition

The Left Only Knows How To Exploit An Economy, Not Run One: Obama's Economic Estimates Of Growth Come Up A Trillion Short, And What Gains There Are Have Gone To The Top 20%

It's not just that facts don't matter, the AGW crowd are just mailing it in these days: UW Madison Says Climate Change Hurting Soy Crops Amid Record Yields

It's not pretty: Some Brits Take A Glimpse At A Developing Post-America World

Tradition: 5,000 Years Ago, Egyptians Brewed Beer In Tel Aviv

Let's start that dialogue: Genderflecting With Pep Boys

The anti-science left: Will Agriculture Be Allowed To Feed 9 Billion People With GMO Crops?

The benefits of multiculturalism, and is there no viking blood still flowing through the veins of Swedish men?: Sweden Now The Rape Capital Of The World

I never would have thought it possible: Poetic Math

I prefer to get mine directly from the source: Don't Buy Breastmilk Off The Internet

It would make for an interesting trip: Algorithm Used To Plan The Mother Of All Roadtrips

We can dream, can't we: The Ten Most Common "Shades Of Gray" For Men and Women

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