Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wolf Bytes

This does not bode well: Scott Walker Buckles Amongst The Corn Cronies

The truth is that Obama sealed Iraq's fate as an Iranian satellite the day he tossed away our victory and pulled us out: ‘Every Single Thing We’re Doing Is Making Iraq a Better Place for Iran’

The intersection of identity politics (taken to the level of farce) and psychological problems: Fifty-Six Shades of Gender Insanity

The Ice Age Cometh: Giant Chunks Of Ice Wash-Up On Cape Cod

The Enlightenment marked civilizations greatest advancements; largely only bad things have happened since we've advanced beyond the Enlightenment itself: Bad Feminism

Disparate Impact statistical analysis is not proof of anything: The Disparite Impact Racket

A question perhaps best asked David Duchovney: Can Porn Give You Erectile Dysfunction?

Inspiring bookworms in Marin: Trevour Loudon speaks from the belly of the leftist beast

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