Thursday, March 12, 2015

Feminism & The Wit of Ann Althouse

Modern feminists in the West are a sorry lot. Having largely (and rightly) achieved their goals of equality in law and spirit, they have descended into man-hating farce, raging against caricatures and the sum of all evils, patriarchy. The problem is that, given reality, after awhile it's hard to come up with new material.

Ann Althouse, at her blog, comments on an article today at HuffPo Women, "Woman Slaps Period Pads All Over Her Town For A Very Important Reason." The article is about a woman who puts messages on sanitary napkins, such as, "imagine if all men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods," then pastes them about town. Says Ms. Althouse:

I'm telling you — and I've told you before — the job of cranking out one "feminist" post after another is not easy. And isn't it just what you'd expect in a phallocracy? — that they'd relegate this job to women. How I pity the slaving female scribes of HuffPostWomen.

That's Onion worthy. After a long laugh at that comment, I noted that Ms. Althouse also highlighted the name of the women posting the padded messages about town -- Elonë Kastratia. C'mon.

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