Saturday, March 29, 2008

Geert Wilder's FITNA (Update 2)

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has released FITNA, his long anticipated film on the Koran.

Update: The feed that I had from YouTube has been pulled. I will continue to update this post with new and working feeds for the video. This below is through Google:

Part I

Part II

You can see an interview of Geert Wilders about this film here.

Release of the film has resulted in wholly predictable threats of violence from Islamists and the rogue Islamic state of Iran. The videos above were originally posted on Live Leak, but were later removed by them due to threats to their staff.

The efforts of radical Muslims to limit freedom of speech in the West is intolerable. Under no circumstances can or should we give so much as inch. To the contrary, each push to limit such speech should be met not merely with refusal, but with anger and an ever more determined effort to expose that which the Islamists wish to hide from our populace. And the movement to limit freedom of speech in the West as regards Islam comes not just from extremists making death threats, but also from many "mainstream" organizations, including the UN as detailed in a post below.

Our first and best defence to the insidious metasticization of radical forms of Islam in the West is not simply to zealously guard our rights of freedom of speech, but to fully exercise those rights to educate our friends, neighbors and leaders. The true power of free democracies lies in an educated and energized populace. In that vein, I salute Mr. Wilders for his courage in making this film. He has led us on a major step down a long road we must take, or face falling to the medieval poison that is Wahhabism and Khomeinist Shia'ism.

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