Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life, Death & Terrorism On Iran's Streets - Neda

The work of a basij sniper during today's protests. A young girl, unarmed, shot through the heart in the middle of Tehran's streets, her father crying in anguish as he watches her die . . .

The theocracy is truly evil. They have no morality. They act throughout the world, spreading terrorism at whatever the cost in blood. And now, it is turned inward. God help the Iranian people. For their benefit and ours, this regime must end.

Update: This girl is being identified by CNN as "Neda." As CNN reports, this horrific video has gone viral and is rapidly becoming the horrific icon of the revolution. Rest in peace, Neda.


Paul_In_Houston said...

The first time a policeman raised his riot stick and stalked towards a protester, expecting him to run as usual, but the protester just stood there and looked back at him, and the policeman backed off and walked away, was the start of a fire that has taken on a life of its' own.

The biggest problem with being an oppressor depending on fear, is "GOD HELP YOU" if they ever STOP being afraid of you.

I'm sure the security forces are trying, but it's awfully hard to stuff the djinni back into the bottle; ain't it?


dave in boca said...

I'm happy CNN and Fox are reporting on this with an eye to impressing our scaredy-cat "Supreme Leader" into doing something besides not "meddling."

Is Obama smart enough to realize that he will be blamed for meddling by the corrupt Mullahcracy even if he keeps on sitting around twiddling his thumbs as another Tienanmen Square occurs?

And, oh yeah, what about that North Korean ship headed toward Hawaii to give a Fourth of July salute to the USA. Does Obama, a former dweller of that state, realize that protecting our shores extends to our island-states as well?

This guy should grow a pair and man up, or hand over the reins to Biden and/or Pelosi. Pelosi actually doesn't like the way Iranians treat women!!!