Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Thoughts & Links

ABC News is preparing to do an hourlong infomercial from the Whitehouse for Obama's socialized medicine plan. Moreover, ABC has refused air time to opponents of this massive boondogle. This is unprecedented. Forget the wall between church and state, we need a wall between media and state.

The only thing resembling news from the big three comes from ABC's Jake "Huevos Grande " Tapper.

The CBO is putting the cost of the socialized healthcare at 1.6 trillion over ten years, though that includes the start-up years when costs are low. If you look at the ten year stretch once socialized healthcare is fully in force, that price tag is topping 2 trillion. And all of that is only expected to take care of 1/3 of those currently uninsured. How's that for a deal.

The left is getting holier than thou because Sen John Ensign has admitted that, during the time he was separated from his wife, he had an affair with a married woman. Firedoglake points out that Ensign called for Clinton's ouster after the Lewinsky affair. Two problems - Ensign has never lied about his affair and, of far greater importance, he didn't commit perjury by lying about it under oath.

Does the left think that it is doing itself any favors by protecting its ethically challenged members? 2010 is coming soon, and the Dems protecting Chris "friend of Angelo" Dodd are just adding more water to the swamp they were supposed to drain.

Dodd may not be going to jail - yet - but it seems that John Conyer's wife is.

A Drudge headline reads "Carter escapes assassination attempt in Gaza." How many questions does that whole scenario raise?

Doug Ross has a pictorial on "Our Vanishing Rednecks." It's hilarious.

Calvin Cline has gone past the line of even a patina of acceptability with their latest gang bang billboard ad.

Richard over at Belmont Club tells some of the truths about Iran and accurately hits a nail on the head when he takes Obama to task for continuing his indications that he will go forward with unconditional talks with Iran. Little he could do at the moment would be more counterproductive.

Jose Padilla was part of an al Qaeda plot to create and detonate a dirty bomb in America. Now he wants to sue the attorneys who approved of harsh interrogation techniques in the Bush Administration. It would be hard to imagine a clearer case where qualified immunity should apply - not to mention the precedent set by the recent SCT case on much the same topic - but a SF judge has allowed the case to continue. There need to be term limits for federal judges and a yearly review of their decisions. Things like this are ridiculous.

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MK said...

That they can't allow any opposing views to socialized medicine is not surprising, most of the shit that leftists push cannot be defended and falls to pieces at the slightest bit of scrutiny. Socialized medicine has been tried and has been an expensive failure everywhere it's been tried.

"A Drudge headline reads "Carter escapes assassination attempt in Gaza." How many questions does that whole scenario raise?"

Oh what a shame.