Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NY Senate Goes Republican

One can only imagine the byzantine politics behind this one, but who am I to look a gift donkey in the mouth. The NY Post reports that two Democrats in the NY State Senate, "Hiram Monserrate of Queens and Pedro Espada, Jr. of the Bronx -- are poised to announce that they have decided to caucus with the GOP out of anger at Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith." The story is not precisely clear as to the cause(s) of the angst, but it appears that the same-sex marriage bill now in the Senate is part of the problem. No matter, its good news regardless. It means that control of the NY State Senate will now pass to the Repulicans.

(H/T Ex-Dissident)

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MK said...

Anything going away from the left is a good thing as far as i'm concerned.