Monday, January 18, 2010

The Inconvenience of Democracy

Catching up with some late blogging on some very low hanging fruit:

In times of tremendous stress, the veils drop, the glamours slip and we are treated to a moment of pure, undiluted honesty. The left has fought for years to insure that our voting system remains amenable to fraud, both within the context of elections and unionization. Indeed, through a variety of methods, not the least of which is a plan for universal voter registration, the left seems prepared to undermine our democratic process to an extreme degree. Democracy is a true inconvenience for our left. Exhibit One, MSNBC's Ed Schultz, contemplating the dire consequences of Massachusetts voters opting to freely and fairly elect a Republican to Chappaquiddick Ted's ancestral Senate seat, gives us his prescription for insuring that Martha Coakley wins in Massachusetts:

(H/T Hot Air)

And under the same rubric of pure, undiluted honesty, we learn another truth about the left. Their vision of government is one of a paternalistic, highly educated elite dictating to the unwashed masses how their lives are to be lived. That the unwashed masses who have supported them might suddenly find that, for the first time under their unencumbered governance, the elite is not to their liking - that is simply beyond the comprehension of far left ideologues. Thus do we get treated to leftie David Shuster asking whether Massachusetts has "lost its mind."

To paraphrase Dracula, "Ahhhh, the children of the left, what sweet music they make."


Freedomnow said...
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Freedomnow said...

So far the fact that a prominent member of the Democratic Party advocates cheating in an election - is only controversial on rightwing blogs.

The media hasnt even noticed. Perhaps they will wait until after the election? or not at all...

Ted Leddy said...

We await with great suspense (even over this side of the pond) the result of tomorrow's election