Friday, January 29, 2010

A Scandal in Bare Duet

Once or twice a year, I compose a post that is in complete sync with a later article by my favorite pundit, Charles Krauthammer. The unfortunate part is that the topic this time around is the scandal that is Obama's national security apparatus. It is a scandal exposed by the Obama administration's handling of the Undiebomber, Abdulmutallab. After nine years, Obama has deconstructed our national security apparatus to the point that it is dysfunctional and passive. What is equally as troubling is that this is being largely ignored by the MSM. This one will get people killed.

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OBloodyHell said...

> This one will get people killed.

Yeah, but that was obvious when he got elected in the first place. If you haven't been expecting it, then the July invitation to Ahmadamnutjob, and the "Iranians? Revolting? What? Where?" should have made its inevitability blatantly self-evident.

The main good thing is that it will cement the no-Dem-for-PotUS meme for at least a decade and a half.