Saturday, January 2, 2010

Truth??? You Can't Handle The Truth

Rasmussen has proven the most accurate polling agency over the past decade. During the last election, Rasmussen predicted 52% to 46% for Obama, and that is in fact what occurred - making them the most accurate of all 23 major polling organizations. And indeed, never a complaint from the left was heard about Rasmussen's polls during the past decade. Yet with Rasmussen now showing poll numbers that demonstrate a real backlash against the left and has Democrat lawmakers looking over their shoulders, the name Rasmussen seems as welcome in far left circles as the name Sarah Palin. This from the Politico:

Democrats are turning their fire on Scott Rasmussen, the prolific independent pollster whose surveys on elections, President Obama’s popularity and a host of other issues are surfacing in the media with increasing frequency.

The pointed attacks reflect a hardening conventional wisdom among prominent liberal bloggers and many Democrats that Rasmussen Reports polls are, at best, the result of a flawed polling model and, at worst, designed to undermine Democratic politicians and the party’s national agenda.

On progressive-oriented websites, anti-Rasmussen sentiment is an article of faith. “Rasmussen Caught With Their Thumb on the Scale,” blared the Daily Kos this summer. “Rasmussen Reports, You Decide,” the blog Swing State Project recently headlined in a play on the Fox News motto.

“I don’t think there are Republican polling firms that get as good a result as Rasmussen does,” said Eric Boehlert, a senior fellow with Media Matters, a progressive research center. “His data looks like it all comes out of the RNC [Republican National Committee]. . . .”

Reality. It bites, eh? Heh.


O Bloody Hell said...

Yeah, the Democrats are all Egyptians now...

dave in boca said...

Lotus Eaters like Eric Boehlert have to shoot the messenger when it keeps bringing that bad news. I even saw creepy lil Jimmy Fallon on his failing After Conan Show make a couple of jabs at Rasmussen.

Toothless packs of mangy rabid dogs who think they're a pride of lions....!

Or, to switch metaphors, Boehlert and the other Journalista Marxist Kiddie Korps diaper derby bloggers conspire in their lil off-line sandbox to slander grown-ups!

cdor said...

Dave, hope your cat is doing well. Rasmussen reports among likely voters, Dogs are favored over cats 51 to 48. My cat, upon hearing the results, sneered, yawned, rolled over and went back to sleep.