Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And The Prize For Most Inane MSM Article Of The Day Goes To . . .

. . . The Boston Herald for trying to tie their eupohoric victory lap over the passing of Obamacare with a supposed right wing backlash to the election of Scott Brown to the Kennedy's ancestral Senate seat, since he didn't kill Obamacare. These left wing authors show the same degree of grace and intellectual honesty in victory that the left displays at all other times. And in this case, the lefties at the Herald don't simply stretch logic, they murder it:

Republicans feeling blue as Scott Brown win backfires
By Jessica Van Sack and Hillary Chabot

Republican folk hero Sen. Scott Brown is being taunted by triumphant Democrats - and slammed by irked conservatives - after the historic health-care bill he was elected to kill was signed into law by President Obama yesterday.

“If he were a milk carton, he would be expired,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman John Walsh.

Brown’s backers from the insurgent Tea Party movement want to know if they’ve been had. . . .

Given that Brown never had a chance to vote on the healthcare bill being rammed down our throat, why would - or could - anyone possibly make the leap in logic to lay the blame for that on Scott Brown. But Brown is the 41st vote - and the bottom line is that the left's ability to radically remake our country beyond the insanity of Obamacare is now very much at issue.


Bookworm said...

The Left: as ugly in victory as it is in defeat.

cdor said...

So, when did the reconciliation pass the Senate? Senator Brown may yet have some influence. As Bookworm inferred above, it's never smart to be arrogant.