Saturday, March 6, 2010

Portrait Of A Fiscal Hawk

Fortune Magazine has a good article on Rep. Paul Ryan - a Congressman who recently arrived on the national stage with his articulate criticism of Obama's health care plans. The article discusses Ryan's economic plans to put America back on a sound - and sane - fiscal footing.:

What is the Ryan plan , and why is the Obama administration seemingly obsessed with it? Ryan calls his proposal, published in January, the Roadmap for America's Future. It's a remarkably comprehensive, daring manifesto that tackles every part of the budget on a presidential scale, from Social Security to tax policy to health-care reform.

The goal is to eliminate the deficit, and eventually all federal debt, without any crippling tax increases. Under Ryan's plan, for example, federal spending would reach just 24% of GDP in 2035 and then fall, vs. the CBO's projection of 34% and rising from there. Ryan would make the deficit disappear by mid-century. . . .

Do read the whole article. Ryan, like Chris Christie, are people to watch as the Dems promise to lead us down an insane fiscal path - until 2012.


OBloodyHell said...

> why is the Obama administration seemingly obsessed with it?

I smell "Contract with America II"

Let's hope they KEEP to this one.

Either way, things will be better than with the current crop of neoKeynesian Dems --
"Hey, LOOK! A dollar we haven't spent! Quick, whose vote can we buy?"

suek said...

If the goal was to solve the health care crisis - which is actually _not_ a health care crisis, but a problem of how to pay for first class health care for those who cannot afford it - it would be possible to solve it without going bankrupt.

The problem is that the goal is actually to seize power. There is no alternative to that other than a form of revolution. I hope it will be a political revolution as you offer as a possiblity. I fear it will not be.