Monday, March 8, 2010

The UK Through Labour's Looking Glass

Its official. Britain is now a caricature of its once great self.

Once the most powerful nation on earth, Britain strode the globe like a colossus. Britain's legacy to the world has been the most important of the past millennium. The most free and rich nations in our world - from the U.S. to Canada to Australia, India and many others, have all emerged from a period of English colonialism. When the revolutionaries fired the first shots in 1776, what they were fighting for was the rights of free Englishmen. And when our founder's wanted to limit the power of the state, they dusted off the English Bill of Rights, made a few tweaks, and ensconced it as our Bill of Rights.

Yet today, the English Bill of Rights is not but a historical document of no legal worth. The rights of British subjects earned over a millennium of revolt and revolution are circumscribed by a modern Parliament that wields unchecked power. The most insidious restriction of those rights today is the right of a British citizen to be free in their speech. Want to feel the police power of the state, say disparaging things about homosexuality, Islam, . . . or now, vegans. Yes, that's right, vegans are one of only several newly minted victim classes by Labour in their Marxist laboratory that is the UK. This from The Times:

Vegans and teetotallers are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups, under legislation championed by Harriet Harman, the equalities minister.

Members of cults and “new religions” such as Scientology, whose supporters include the film stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta, would also be offered protection, as would atheists.

A code of practice explaining the legal implications of the equality bill states that religions need not be mainstream or well known for their adherents to gain protection. “A belief need not include faith or worship of a god or gods, but must affect how a person lives their life or perceives the world.” . . .

This is nuts. Labour has once again taken the failed theory of multiculturalism and doubled down on it. A vegan diet now classifies as a religion? There is damn good reason to criticize those who eat a vegan diet. The simple fact is, on a pure vegan diet, you can't get enough B-12, thus inviting health problems. It is not a natural diet - rather, it is by definition an unhealthy and unsafe diet. The people that eat vegan - and scream from the rooftops that everyone else needs to start doing it also - are bonkers. And those who believe in abstinence from alcohol are now placed on equal footing with Christianity? Spare me.

If you are not living in the UK or are not following all of this closely, it is difficult to understand just how insidious all of this is. The practical reality of legal protection as a victim group under UK law is to give those newly minted victims carte blanche to push their avant garde life style into all four corners of British society on one hand, while the protection is used as huge cudgel to beat British society into silent submission on the other. If one of the Queen's reckless subjects has the temerity to object, they stand a real chance of inviting all sorts of negative consequences. Follow the link here to get a feel for those negative consequences. This is a cycle we see over and over again, with favored victim classes of the UK's left being held beyond not merely legitimate criticism, but lawful criticism.

If you are a white male in Britain, you are under attack from the Labour government. If you have a problem with radical homosexual agenda being pushed in state schools, better not say anything or you too will feel the discrimination. If you challenge the insane open doors immigration policy in the public sphere, you are treated as a pariah. And of course, if you are a Christian in Britain, you are under attack from the Labour government. That last is important because this latest decision of the Labour government is not merely multiculturalism taken to insane heights, it is also part of Labour's century old war on Christianity. Labour is raising every avant garde lifestyle choice to be the equal under the law with actual religion, thus calling the fundamental worth of Christianity into question. The PC culture of Britain is insane. It's Alice through the looking glass across the pond.

This once great country is now gone so far off the rails that, from an ocean away, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize the UK as a Western democracy. It is certainly moving into the sphere of soft totalitarianism. Moreover, with the vast majority of power transferred from Parliament to the EU, the fact is that it really no longer is a functioning democracy. The people of Britain can still vote, but their Parliament no longer has all that much to do. That of course came about after Labour refused to hold a promised referendum on the issue of transferring Britain's sovereignty to the EU. It was despicable - as is the current Tory position, that they will treat this Labour coup as a fait accompli. One wonders if the great ship of British state can ever be righted?


Robert J. Avrech said...

The last time I was in Jerusalem, a real estate agent showed me a block of empty apartments. No one was living there... yet.

They had all been purchased by British and French Jews who understand that their days in Eurabia are almost at an end.

Safe for vegans but Judenrein.

Makes perfect sense.

OBloodyHell said...

> One wonders if the great ship of British state can ever be righted?

It'll take a revolution to do it, but that won't be easy without guns.

We live in "interesting times", my man, "interesting times, indeed"

People of the 23rd century will look back and ask, "WTF were they thinking?"

Freedom Fighter said...

Good piece GW!

Oddly enough, from what I hear with my ear close to the ground there's change in the wind, but the biggest lack is political leadership ( read 'a crisis') and Cameron doesn't seem to fit the bill.

The EU is on the edge of imploding anyway IMO, as the Germans are getting tired of footing much of the financial cost and some of the less well off countries won't be able to afford to stay in (ie Greece and Ireland).