Friday, March 19, 2010

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James & Palpable Stupidity

Here is Jesse James

Former bodyguard, later custom bike maker and D-List star on the Discovery Channel. This is the same joker who went to Iraq to visit the troops and grabbed his 15 sec. of fame with an outburst in front of the troops of Bush Derangement Syndrome. He is now on his third marriage. He was coming off his second marriage to porn star Janine Lindemulder

when he met Sandra Bullock - the quintessential girl next door. They married in 2005 . . .

Amazingly, the marriage lasted five years until . . . this week, it would seem. That is four years and eleven months longer than I expected it to. In the end, James decided to cheat on Sandra Bullock with . . .

Bombshell Magee. I am not sure who is worse in the phenomenally stupid department - Bullock for marrying this dirtbag or James for screwing around on Ms. Bullock with something that looks only vaguely human. I hereby adopt Red-eye's Gregalogue as my response:

So forget health care, the wars, the rampant unemployment. The big story in my

life? Jesse James, the biker husband of Sandra Bullock, got busted cheating on the delightful, mega-rich actress.

Here is a picture of Sandra Bullock.

Here is a picture of the woman James cheated with, Bombshell Magee.

So, who would have thought that if Jesse cheated, it was going to be with Marilyn Manson?

Who`s next?

Pete Wentz?

Chris Angel?

Take a look at Chris.

Yep, my money is on Chris Angell.

Anyway, this reveals one essential truth about life, humanity, the world:

Men are scum; women are stupid.

First – let`s take the "men are scum" part. Sadly most men on this planet would stick their dick in anything as long as it didn`t electrocute them. Although, I`m not even sure that`s true. If you put an Oreck upright vacuum cleaner in some fishnets, chances are Bill Maher would bang it. And then, not even buy it breakfast.

Fact is, it doesn`t matter who you`re married to – men desire sexual novelty more than anything, and it`s up to them to rein it in. Many of them can`t. Case in point: this dirtbag James cheats not just on a lovely woman, but a lovely, charming one who happens to be worth millions. But that`s what separates dirtbags from non-dirtbags. Nondirtbags make the effort.

Onto the "women are stupid" part. As much as I sympathize with Sandra Bullock – who I`ve had a crush on since "Love Potion No. 9," she should have known better. She should know the difference between dirtbags and nondirtbags. Her husband is a dirtbag. He used to date porn stars. As an expert in red flags would say, "Holy fuck - that`s a red flag." What does this mean? Well, there are millions of good men out there, millions who would have been happy to make Sandra happy for the rest of her life. But she chose this creep. Why? Because the way men find sexual risk-taking exciting, women find emotional adventures equally a thrill. Good women choose bad men all the time. And all the good men are left wondering, "what`s wrong with me?"

Like I always say: in the end, you get what you get.

I just hope Sandra dumps this jerk and marries someone who deserves her. . . .


OBloodyHell said...

> I just hope Sandra dumps this jerk and marries someone who deserves her. . . .

She made the choice. I think she did get someone who deserved her. She certainly deserved him, for making that kind of dumbass decision considering all the options she has.

I grant that many men are scum, but I personally think that there are a lot more decent guys out there than is acked -- they just don't get the opportunity to prove it, because women are, as you note stupid beyond rational sense.

It lends credence to the old style of arranged marriage. Women -- that is to say, "young women" -- are too stupid to be in charge of something that important. Just as men think with the little head all too often, women don't think, period.

They choose the wrong men because they insist that men do all the work of seducing them. So they wind up with professional seducers, rather than good men.

Kind of like politics -- if you can get the job, you probably suck at it -- because the fact is that the skills it takes to get the job, thanks to that "seducer" requirement, are unrelated -- are actually diametrically opposed to actually being able to do it right.

Essentially, what women do is make the presumption that they, personally, are so unimaginably wonderful that some guy who spent literally years perfecting his talent to seduce women, is going to suddenly STOP doing that because they met "her". No, sooner or later, the SOB is going to decide, "Hey, why am I not doing something I'm good at and enjoy doing -- seducing women?"

So she more than likely deserves an asshole -- whoever she is.

Because she picked an asshole in the first place, despite the blatant evidence that he was an asshole. Because that's what a seducer is -- he's seduced lots and lots of women, because doing that is the ONLY way you can get to be good at it (natural talent can only take you a certain way in this endeavor. The rest comes from lots of practice). And the only way that amount of practice happens is if you DON'T CARE about being in a relationship at all, if the goal is the seduction, not the relationship, EVER.

If I was raising a daughter, I'd be teaching her from childhood that, if the date went perfectly -- if he said just the right things, if there were no awkward moments, if things happened just right, then FUCKING RUN DAMMIT. Because that does NOT happen in the real world without lots and lots of practice. Good men ARE awkward and unsure of themselves there -- because they've spent their time BEING in relationships, rather than GETTING INTO relationships. Because they didn't set out to seduce as many women as they could in life, and sought a good relationship in the first place, which makes for far less experience at making that date "just right" and knowing exactly what to do and say on it.

But women are sheer and complete morons -- there's a reason why the biggest and most misogynist jerks are always the ones with girlfriends.

So they deserve these creeps, because they picked them themselves.

GW said...

OBH: Tell us what you really think. lol.

Hmmm, actually, I think James probably made a real effort for his long as he could to fool Bullock and that Bullock was stupid enough to think that he was a fun fix-er up-er. I am inclined to give her a pass on this one. Everyone deserves it on the first big mistake.

MK said...

Celebrity and fame are no indications of wisdom or sense. Seems he has neither.

Anonymous said...

I think some young women are drawn to men who carry a certain amount of risk. They crave the excitement of danger that the men provide. Men with that frame of mind pick sports with the possibility of risky outcomes - skydiving, for example.

The young women would be better off if they chose the risky sports instead of the risky men but they seem to prefer the danger by proxy. It's painful for those who have such young women in their families - there's likely to be no good outcome.

OBloodyHell said...

> OBH: Tell us what you really think. lol.

I think, for the most part, that women make their own choices and get EXACTLY the men they deserve. Not every single case but more than enough of them, and Bullock is old enough to not be making such blatantly foolish choices, and even if she is, then she can't claim a lack of experience with men when she makes a wrong one, nor to be granted a "poor, poor girl" dispensation when she does so...

"Did she deserve this?" No, not in the sense that no vaguely decent person inherently "deserves" misery and dissatisfaction in life. But in the sense of a person exercising their "freedom of speech" to NOT get the crap beat out of them when they use it to go through the middle of a minority neighborhood shouting the 'N' word, yes.

It's one thing to encounter trouble. It's another to ignore the obvious signs of it when making decisions in life, and hence wind up in it.

She invited this. She chose him despite the rather glaring warning signs. She thus bears sufficient responsibility that I'm not going to ignore that culpability and give her a pass on it.

This whole "men are assholes and women are their victims" crap is a yet another bad rap on men. Good men aren't responsible because women choose bad men.... constantly.

Women need to take responsibility for bad choices all around just like all the other "victim groups" do. That goes for their partnership choices as well.

I don't anticipate that happening in the current climate but it's the only way the "problems" in question will ever be corrected. And so I promote the awareness of that. Futily, I suppose, but it's the only positive thing I can do at the moment.