Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He Really Is Toast

Team Obama is revealing their strategy for 2012:

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs didn't talk about Sarah Palin specifically yesterday, but he did address any Republican who is thinking about challenging President Obama in 2012.

The bottom line: Regardless of who the Republicans nominate, the White House is likely to run against the previous GOP president, George W. Bush. . . .

And no, that is not from The Onion. That is from USA Today. If Obama thinks he can play that card after demonstrating world class incompetence daily for four years, I say more power to him. Indeed, I would love to see all of America concentrating on the Bush years. Pick any one of them, then compare them to the Obama / Democrat nightmare we are in today. Then, by all means, pull that lever.

In all honesty, my only nagging fear at this point, looking forward to 2012, is that Obama won't win the Democratic primary.

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