Monday, July 5, 2010

Time To Dump Michael Steele

I have spent a tremendous amount of time on this blog taking the left to task for politicizing our foreign policy and prioritizing partisan advantage over our national security. The left has been, on this issue, utterly despicable and beneath contempt. Now, RNC Chariman Michael Steele has done the same, calling the war in Afghanistan "Obama's war" and labeling it "unwinable." To the credit of Republican Party (well, other than by the Republican Party's crazy Uncle, Ron Paul), no one else in federal office has taken that tack, nor should they. The reality is that we cannot afford to walk away from Afghanistan, the host country for al-Qaeda at the time of 9-11, without opening up a Pandora's box of negative consequences. As a threshold matter, one need only remember that it was the Soviet's loss in Afghanistan that put Islamic radicalism on steroids to begin with. Is there any reason why an American retreat from Afghanistan today would have any less of a disasterous effect in the long term?

Steele seems to be making about a major gaffe every month or two. But unlike his other gaffes, this one, on a matter of critical importance to our country, is unforgivable. Steele must go.


Richard Roark said...

I am no fan of Steele. However, in this case he was right, if perhaps too brief. After saying we had to get out of Iraq to concentrate on "the good war", after nation building in a country that does not understand the concept of "nation", after sending Eikenberry and Holbrooke to counteract the very concept of COIN by undermining confidence in the central government, after the "we will kill no enemy before it's time (never if possible)" ROE, after "courageous restraint" (attepted suicide)commendations, and after announcing our surrender (withdrawal) date, it is time for the rethuglicans to hang this re-engineered clusterf*ck on Obamination, or it will be hung on them when this masterplan of theirs to bring us down a notch comes to fruition.

suek said...

I agree with Richard. Never underestimate the determination of a Democrat to lose a war.

Not that the war is unwinable - but it is indeed unwinable if you are unwilling to do what needs to be done to win. You cannot negotiate with the Taliban - not going to happen. O thinks he can talk his way out of anything. That's a losing strategy.