Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's Kill Some Cracker Babies

PJTV covers the testimony before the Civil Rights Commission given by J. Christian Adams on reverse racism in the DOJ as well as the decision of the DOJ to cease prosecution in the New Black Panther case. Someone needs to go to jail over this. As an aside, apparently two Democratic members of the Civil Rights division did not bother to appear at the hearing.

As Hot Air points out, the subjects of prosecution in the New Black Panther case were not exactly just "nice guys caught in a single instance of bad judgment." Here they are in action in other locales. Do watch.

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Anonymous said...

Is advocating murder a First Amendment right?
The US Supreme Court has very narrow exceptions when it comes to advocating the murder of another person and even in those limited cases (specifically a President of the United States - Johnson) the threat must be political hyperbole rather than a true threat.
So, unless you happen to be referring to the guy in the White House (or arguably some other elected public official), neither you nor I nor Shamir Shabazz has a First Amendment Right to threaten murder (or great bodily harm) to another person, even if you claim you "didn't actually mean what you said."