Friday, July 9, 2010

The Results Are In

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. The Watcher publishes the results each Friday. And the results of this weeks voting are in:

This weeks winner was my post, Obama’s Lawsuit Against Arizona (Updated), that looks at both the substance and dangerous ramifications of Obama's attempt to overturn Arizona's recently enacted law targeting illegal aliens. There was a tie for second place between Right Truth's analysis of the book, A World Without Islam and the Glittering Eye's analysis of the state of our economy, Foundations of Sand. Both are excellent posts. Let me also make special mention of Mike Volpe's post this week, Mark Clements and Chicago’s Culture of Torture. You can go to his site and follow the link to read his article of the same name. It is as well written as you will find anywhere. I highly recommend it.

In the non-Council category, the winner was Caroline Glick's exceptional look at the state of Euro anti-semitism, – Standing down the hanging jury. There was a three way tie for second place between Patterico’s Pontifications's Feinstein on Judicial Inexperience, Then and Now, Zenpundit's Reality, Strategy and Afghanistan: Some Questions, and Israel Matzav's Who is orchestrating a US rapprochement with Hezbullah and Hamas?.

There were some great entries this week. You can find them all, as well as the full results of the voting at the Watcher's site.

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