Monday, July 5, 2010

NASA - No More Manned Space Exploration, Now Muslim Outreach

This is beyond belief.

Obama has taken us out of the manned space exploration game. With NASA on the verge of being superfulous, he has given them new orders. Priority one - engage in Muslim outreach to make them feel good about their contributions to science and mathematics. Priority two, as Mr. Bolden makes clear in the al Jazeera interview below, is apparently to downplay America's role in America's achievements.

As an aside, the reality is that "contributions" to science and math emenating out of Muslim countries virtually all occurred a millenium ago. A bankrupt Islamic culture since then has generated very few "contributions" to science. But we do want them to feel good about themselves.

Could there be a greater misuse of taxpayer funds?


OBloodyHell said...

> Could there be a greater misuse of taxpayer funds?

Yeah, propping up and encouraging failed nations and dictatorships...

Oh, wait, we already do that.

J.P. Douglas said...

I clicked on your link thinking it was one of those crazy blogger jokes taking things out of context. In hindsight I wish i never clicked. Obama is too much.

Randoph Yancy said...

If we don't impeach this disastrous, satanic buffoon, we shall be judged not worthy of being called Americans. The time is nigh, end the reign of the terrorist-loving scum!

Michelle said...

Actually, if Northern Ireland had people going into space in the 70s, I don’t think that would have done anything to disarm the IRA.

Anonymous said...

I had something astoundingly brilliant to post...however, I watched the video clip and had to rush off to the restroom to vomit.
Now I lost my train of thought.

NASA must be doing something right!

Bonnie Thomson said...

We will survive this.
The American heart is not dead.
The American Patriot has not laid down his weapons.
We the People know what's going on and we must believe that with dilligence and perseverance we can overcome even this horror that we call Obama.