Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early Onset Loss of Bearings (Updated)

And this joker is saying that McCain has lost his bearings?

We know Obama has no grasp of history, but even Dan Quayle could get this one right. Its going to be tough for Obama to make the senility/age argument after this. If only he had a flag pin to refer to. . .

Some of the better blog reactions:

From Jules Crittenden: Dumb as Bush, Senile as McCain

From Instapundit:

. . . ANOTHER UPDATE: Tom Elia: "Personally, I don't think it was a 'tired mistake' as much as this is just how Chicago Democrats are used to counting during elections and election campaigns..."

MORE: "I love the way he pauses and really thinks before adding the '-seven.'"

STILL MORE: Dreaming of empire? "Grand Strategist (and likely Obama supporter) Thomas P.M. Barnett in his seminal work 'The Pentagon’s New Map' urged America to add several states to the nation, perhaps as many as a dozen. . . . I'm shocked that Obama apparently believes in a hyper-muscular 21st century version of Manifest Destiny. Truly, I didn't see that one coming." . . .

Jammiewearing Fool: If he is this confused in the middle of the day how would he be at 3 AM when he has to answer that mythical red phone on the night stand in the bedroom?

Just One Minute: Set aside his deficiencies in American post-war history (Nooo, not the Vietnam war) and think about this - Obama is still hazy on how many states there are in the Union, not to mention the normally uncontroversial status of Alaska and Hawaii.

From Suitably Flip:

In celebration of his having traveled to an impressive 57 states in his bid for the Presidency (and to finally put to rest the notion that he abhors patriotic accessories), Barack Obama's campaign has introduced a custom line of American flag lapel pins.

Get yours today and show your support for the least senile candidate in the race!

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