Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So What Do You Think?

This is Obama's flyer going out in Kentucky

Do you think he has put questions about Trinity United, black liberation theology and the vile racist Rev. Wright directly at issue? I don't see how he can sidestep these issues if he is going to campaign his faith and, indeed, refer indirectly to Rev. Wright. in his campaign fliers.


Freedom Fighter said...

Hello GW,
Only one thing confuses me...the bare crucifix in the photo.

Surely Obama should be posed nailed on it, shouldn't he?

I sort of think this flyer is an effort to combat the widespread impression that he is a Muslim (which he actually is technically, according to sharia) rather than convincing people that he's a typical Christian.

No one who was could have sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years,let alone brought his kids there.

All best,

Joanne said...

Yah, I'm sure God is just so pleased with Obama's stand on abortion and all. Obama is such a hypocrite.

vinny said...

nice photo. does it signify obama's change in religion or his anointed status?