Friday, May 30, 2008

Whoa . . .A McClellan-Soros Connection

This promises to get real interesting real quick.

Scott "Fredo Corleone" McClellan, has written a scathing book that takes aim at the Bush White House. With the latest revelations, it seems possible that McClellan's work was heavilly influenced by, if not twisted by, Soros minions. If so, this could be a true scandal. Media Mythbusters provides some of the background:

This just in from The American Pundit:

Very interesting. Especially since Ari Fleisher spoke with McClellan yesterday, who claims his editor “tweaked” the book. Apparently the original book Ari was told about was supposed to be “good for the president”.

Rumor has it from what I hear on radio and the Internet that large parts or most of this book was not even written by McClellan… Hmmm, the worm turns…

Now it turns out that the book publisher is ultimately owned by . . . Dr. Evil himself. As ham-handed as Soros is (Gen. Betrayus, Lancet Study), this is one of those rare situations where there really might be a conspiracy.

Dafyyd, at Big Lizards, has spent already written posts (here and here) pointing out the glaring disconnects already evident about the book itself.

It will be fascinating watching this one pan out. I am really glad now that our Democrats are planning to subpoena Fredo to give testimony before Congress. I'll have to break out the popcorn for that one. I want to see if Soros appears at the hearing with Fredo's brother to sit in gallery.

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DrKrbyLuv said...

I too will be looking forward to McClellan's testimony in front the House Judiciary Committee, but I think it is Congressman Wexler (FLA-D), not Waxman requesting his presence.

From what I have heard the book is heavy on allegations but light on substance and evidence.

At a minimum, the book will serve as a reminder to the American people of just how badly Bush and his neo-conservative henchmen bungled the war in Iraq.

The whole Iraq thing will hopefully help return our country to the rule of law as prescribed in our Constitution. According to the Constitution, only Congress can declare war. The President does not have the unilateral power to declare war for a reason. That reason is to prevent us from having one person hastily enter into an unjust or foolish war.

Of course, Bush says Congress gave him this authority, which is true. But I don't think Congress had the authority to acquiesce their responsibility to the President.

This is not the first time we have heard many of these allegations. If they are true, impeachment is not nearly enough.

Freedomnow said...

Yeah, a revenge book that reads like a gossip column which was written by a press secretary who was fired for being incompetent is not going to lead to any impeachment.

It is a nice smokescreen though to cover up our success in Iraq.

This summer perhaps a fired White House janitor could write a tell-all on how Bush lied about stealing rolls of toilet paper from the White House restrooms.

And dont worry for the Novemeber elections we will have a new bogus Lancet Study. It is released for every major U.S. election since 2004 and is noted for its wildly exaggerated casualty counts in the Iraq War.