Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. The Watcher publishes the results each Friday morning. The Watcher also has a process for anyone who would like to submit one of their posts for consideration as part of the weekly contest. You can find out more about that here. This week's nominations are:

1. Soccer Dad - "Evolution" = "Growth"
The media describes people who were once conservative but come to believe something akin to the opposite as having "grown," as if it is a natural part of a maturing intellect. As pertains to the relationship between jews in the U.S. and Israel, Soccer Dad does not believe this to be a maturation process, but rather a step back towards a one-sided, negative viewpoint.

2. Bookworm Room - Making Capitalists
The writings of Horatio Alger are synonymous with the American Dream of capitalist success. Bookworm examines Alger's life and why he was so immensely popular.

3. Wolf Howling - The Audacity of Newsweek
I try to stay away from too much fisking, but Newseek has gone over the top in support of Obama. That itself is not a problem, but the falsehoods and half-truths present in the article would, if accepted at face value, make it impossible to criticize Obama and, indeed, equate criticism with racism. It is too outrageous to go without evisceration.

4. The Glittering Eye - Curiouser and Curiouser
GE gives voice to the same thoughts I had about the Iranian claims and response to a mosque bombing one month ago. Iran now claims that the explosion was financed and directed by the U.S. and Britain and have claimed they will file an international lawsuit. As GE ponders, that might not be too advisable, as it would open the literal flood gates to counter-claims by the thousands of those who have been hurt by Iranian sponsored terrorism.

5. The Colossus of Rhodey - And People think George W. Bush Is a Moron
CoR forays into the hinterlands of insanity to ponder the dark musings of Jimmy Carter.

6. Rhymes With Right - BUMPED: McCain Ahead In Electoral Vote Race?
RwR takes a look at the electoral college math of a McCain-Obama race and notes some the interesting/horrifying potentials.

7. Hillbilly White Trash - Where we went wrong
I agree completely with Lemuel on the problems and solutions regarding the Republican party. I disagree as to his assessment of John McCain and will write seperately on that.

8. Done With Mirrors - Protecting Marriage
In politics, perhaps one of the more cogent defenses is taking your opponents logic to its logical conclusion. As Pennsylvania conservatives are proposing an act to "protect" the sanctity of marriage, a liberal has tacked on an amendment that would make most divorces illegal. Callimachus has out the popcorn and soda to watch the debates over this one.

9. The Education Wonks - Los Angeles' Combat High School
A great post and spot-on commentary from Ed Wonk regarding an LA school riot, the causes and the cure.

10. Joshuapundit - Lebanon Becomes Hezbollahstan
Lebanon burns while the UN fiddles to a tune composed by the U.S. The information that I have seen is not quite as dire as J.P.'s, a fact we can likely chalk up to the fog of war at this point. In any event, J.P.'s discussion of causation and what could and should have been done to stop this is spot-on.

11. Cheat Seeking Missiles - And Tango Makes 420
We really are in a cultural war in America, and it is one that secular relativists are winning. CSM looks at how it is playing out with the ALA.

12. Right Wing Nut House - Poll: Aberica Is a Sucky Place To Live Right Now
A recent poll, if it is to be believed, pegs U.S. discontent at what has to be an all-time high. This is horrendous news for the right.

Non-Council Nominations:

1. Baseball Crank - POLITICS: Yes, Experience Matters

2. Augean Stables - Obama on Lebanon: Cognitive Egocentric Porridge

3. Ya Libnan - Lebanon's "300" Heroes

4. Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal - Numb

5. City Journal - Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist?

6. UrbanGrounds - Military Exceeds All Recruiting Goals

7. Atlas Shrugs - Minn: Muslim Students Force Out Disabled Teacher With Dog

8. Democratiya - The Fall-Out: How a Guilty Liberal Lost His Innocence

9. Dr. Sanity - Heroes and Villains

10. All Things Beautiful - "We Are All Jews Now!"

11. Sister Toldjah - Has Obama "Lost His Bearings"?

12. Classical Values - Holding Things Accountable for What Men Do With Them

13. The Atlantic - Monopsony Madness

14. Dodgeblogium - Boris Scares Cameroonies

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