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Interesting Posts From Around The Web - 7 May 2008

The most interesting posts of the day, all below the fold.

Art: The Water Nymph, John Collier, 1923

Anna at A Rose by Any Other Name, writes a weekly post telling the story of our fallen heroes in Iraq, honoring their service to our country. This week she posts on CSM Robert Prosser and LTC Erik Kurilla.

Is Obama manipulating the visuals of his campaign to accentuate the whites? Betsy’s Page has the story. No Oil For Pacifists shows Obama’s quotes on Wright evolving over the years.

Rightwing Conspiracy discussed Democrat election day shenanigans.

From Discriminations, the intersection between reverse discrimination and tactics of intimidation to thwart democratic choice.

This news story should be attached by the state as Exhibit 1 to a petition for guardianship. Parents of a 9 year old, in conjunction with a public school, are collaborating to have the child effectuate his – or his parent’s more likely – transgender fantasies. Stop the ACLU has the story. And more on this from the great blogger, Velvet Hammer.

Blonde Sagacity has posted Bush’s resignation speech. It is very well said.

Anklebiting Pundits talks about McCain, judges and his speech today taking Obama and Clinton to task for their hypocrisy. As he notes, "while Presidents come and go, judicial nominees seem to last forever."

Classical Values has some very sage thoughts on abuse of federal laws to punish activities outside of the ambit for which such laws were passed: While we can debate the pros and cons of prostitution, it offends both common sense as well conventional jurisprudence to treat it as a major violent crime like armed robbery. . . .

Heh. From Fulham Reactionary, "Perhaps the best thing about Boris Johnson's victory last Thursday/Friday has been the sight of the entire British left wringing their hands in palpable woe." ‘Tis a sight to warm the cockles of one’s heart.

Political Insecurity has more anecdotal evidence of peace descending on Iraq.

At Seraphic Secret, Hamas produces an "educational film" about the Holocaust—Palestinian style. Apparently, several famous actresses of old have weighed in with appropriate responses. Meanwhile, Soccer Dad, posting at Yourish, discusses the Palestinian’s sham negotiations, including the observation "if Palestinians are executed for helping Israel fight terror, while terrorists are lionized the peace process is a sham."

Confederate Yankee notes: "It seems to matter little whether the location is Gaza or Baghdad. If there is a way to spin a story, Associated Press reporters will find it."

The Jawa Report has posted a documentary, "Three Bullets and a Dead Child," on the canard of the al Dura affair that set off the Second Intafada.

Is Reuters in the tank for the enemies of Israel? As Elder of Ziyon points out, its just another day in the MSM agenda journalism.

From Dinah Lord, as the new Paki government goes wobbly, the Deobandis strictly enforce Sharia.

Covenant Zone covers the Mayday Mayhem in Switzerland as the anarchists go wild.

Happy Blog Birthday to the mil-blogger Shield of Achilles. And do read his post on bias in the BBC and why its important.

From Gay Patriot: "The greatest criticism I make of gay marriage advocates is that most . . . [have] reduced the discussion to a debate over rights and equality without considering the history of marriage and the very ideas the social institution embodies.

Jammie Wearing Fool notes that AP and NYT have found religion, sort of – at least when it comes to the Indiana voting law recently upheld by the Supreme Court.

Red Alerts discusses Russia’s acts of war against their neighbor, Georgia, in what appears to be a revival of the expansionism of the old Soviet Union. If only our spineless NATO allies had voted to offer Georgia membership, one would suspect that this would not be happening today.

Heh. The Conservative Cat ponders whether we want the same people who have devised the Democratic nominating procedures designing a national health care system.

Bizzy Blog takes note of AP’s whitewash in reporting on the divorce trial of former NJ Governor McGreevy. Hiding party affiliation is only part of the problem.

Spinning Cleo thinks that the techniques Douglas Feith has followed in the publication of his new book, War and Decision, may become the model for future scholarly publications.

Right Truth ponders just what the Goracle hath wrought. Dave in Boca takes colorful note that the Goracle is somehow connecting the Myanmar disaster to global warming.

From KG at Crusader Rabbit, "a growing number of scientists are producing ever more evidence to show how those computer models [producing definitive proof of climate change] are based on wholly inadequate data and assumptions - as is being confirmed by the behavior of nature itself (not least the continuing non-arrival of sunspot cycle 24)." And even as the earth cools, MK notes that our friends the Kiwis are planning to tax their countrymen into penury in order solve the global warming problem. An Englishman’s Castle notes that Greenlanders are embracing global warming wholeheartedly.

I highly recommend this extremely well written, philosphical post at Midnight Sun.

An economically sane blogger at Liberty Corner discusses the economic insanity of our democrates. And at This Ain’t Hell, a colorful description of how the left controls the vote.

A post from the Irish Elk honoring St. Tammany.

The Pen and Spindle has a fascinating interview with the creator of the Museum of Missing History.

There is medieval monkey war at Got Medieval?

At Q&O, its feminist racial mud wrestling, displaying the breathtaking hypocrisy of the left on issues of racism, sexism, etc.

Moonbat EWS has proof that we are all going to die in a black hole heading straight towards us - and then provides some great links to take our mind off the impending doom. NSFW.

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