Friday, May 23, 2008

Republican Way Forward

Almost a week ago, I wrote the post Republicans Ponder The Abyss, stating that there was a simple and viable strategy for November: embrace fiscal discipline, run on the price of oil and how Democrats sit at the root of it for not allowing development of our resources, run on national security, and get a much more proactive communications strategy. I see that almost precisely the same conclusions have been reached over at Gateway Pundit. This is not brain surgery. The only question is whether any of our elected Republican representatives are listening.


DrKrbyLuv said...

Agreed, the direction is not that hard to figure out. But, as Michelle Malkin said "it's not the packaging, it's the product."

I am extremely disappointed that John McCain virtually ignored the big oil Inquisition last week. I kept waiting for him to step up and declare that the gov't must unshackle the oil companies to find and refine new oil reserves.

Energy independence is a security issue that differentiates Republicans from Democrats in a very positive manner.

GW said...

Agreed on all points, though McCain has mentioned this in passing with the caveat that he does not support drilling in ANWR solely on the grounds that it is pristine wilderness that should be maintained as such. He sees himself very much in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt in many ways, including in his goals of conservation of large parks of wilderness. True, TR never had to deal with an oil crisis. That said, if McCain can replicate the rest of TR's policies, I could forgive him ANWR.