Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama and Non-Linear Progression

Trying to keep up with the latest from Obama is very much like trying to follow the action inside a pinball machine. It is non-linear and taking odd turns at breakneck speed. A week ago, Obama called Iran a minor threat - a characterization he revised 180 degrees the next day. In October, he said he'd meet Ahmedinejad and Chavez without precondition - and now says there will be preparation, as thought that is a distinction with any difference. Then there were the bi-weekly revisions of the narrative regarding Rev. Wright, Trinity United and black liberation theology memorialized by Karl Rove today in the WSJ and blogged below. The latest is Obama's decision to visit Iraq the day after turning down an invitation from McCain as a political stunt. This guy flip flops faster than Kerry on steroids.

The difference between McCain and Obama is drawn into no more sharper focus than on the issue of Iraq. McCain feels that success in Iraq is more important to our nation than his winning the Presidency. He is a man driven by principle. Obama is the polar opposite. He wants to pull us out of Iraq as a function of political expediency to further his bid for the Presidency. He could care less about the ground truth in Iraq. I could think of no clearer distinction between these two men and how they would lead this country. In this regards, John McCain issued an invitation to Obama to come to Iraq - and invitation that Obama, two days ago, refused as a political stunt. That led to this ciriticism from McCain:

No sooner had John McCain issued this highly effective criticism than the pinball wizard himself decided a short sojourn in Iraq might be worthwhile. I wonder how long it will take for the reality to become apparent to the majority of American's that Obama's overriding principle is his own ambition, that he is dangerously naive and unprepared, that he is every bit as disingenuous as Bill Clinton and, in terms of flip flopping, he puts John Kerry to shame.

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