Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ramming Speed!!!

. . . Democrats are trying to rush the largest entitlement expansion since LBJ into law with a truncated debate and as little public scrutiny as possible. At this point all they've released are the vaguest "policy options," not concrete specifics. Yet the Senate plans to begin marking up legislation next week, maybe hold a hearing or two, then have something to the floor by the end of the month, votes by the August recess and a bill to the Oval Office by Thanksgiving. On the seventh day, they will rest.

WSJ, Why the Health Care Rush?, 3 June 2009

Health care accounts for a huge chunk - 18% - of our economy. How to reign in health care costs and how best to allocate resources have been contentious topics for years. Obama and the far left want to implement socialized medicine - something that comes with a massive "13 figure" price tag at a time when we are running the largest defecit in history times four and our economy is in the tank. Indeed, the already outrageous level of spending threatens us with inflation on a scale that will make the Jimmy Carter economy look good.

Yet come what may, Obama is bound and determined to force socialized medicine down our throat. Republicans have been completely shut out of the writing of this bill. It is being written in secret by the far left of the Democratic Party. They are seeking to circumvent the normal democratic procedures for passing legislation.

That process is designed to insure that all Americans, as well as our legislators, have a chance to fully understand what it is that is being proposed and to engage in full and free debate. What does it say of Obama that he is attempting to subvert this system. Apparently the same thing this tells us. Obama, having taken power on what clearly were a series of false promises, is now determined to push his real agenda through without regard for democracy. It appears that Obama would have us go from the concept of one person, one vote, to one person, one vote, one time.

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MK said...

True leftist policy has to be rammed and shoved through, if people have time to examine it and look at it, they'll reject it so fast it'd make their heads spin.

Just on socialized medicine, have a look at this.,27574,25580013-421,00.html

It can't work, learn from us.