Thursday, April 22, 2010

British Diversity

From one of the most interesting blogs on the net, Police Inspectors Blog - run by an upper level police officer who blogs under the pseudonym, Inspector Gadget, the latest most wanted posters from Scotland Yard:

Notice any common threads?

This from a comment by the blogger at Thin Blue Line to the Police Inspectors blog:

Not sure about the number [of immigrants] paying tax, though there are figures available about those issued NI numbers, which might indicate the numbers on benefit. Here are a few lines from one of our recent posts that might give you an idea.

The Extra Cost To The Tax Payer Of Immigration :-

• Local Authority race relations £3.1m
• Higher Education race relations £6.7m
• Commission for racial equality £32m
• Translation costs £100m
• Ethnic minority awards scheme £169m
• Security £174m
• English lessons for immigrants £80m
• Treating immigrants with HIV £330m
• Border Controls £690m
• Money sent home by foreign workers £1.4bn
• Asylum support & processing £1.6bn

Crime related costs, at £4Billion is by far the largest cost attributable to immigration.

Labour’s ‘open door’ policy on immigration costs every household £350 a year, claims Professor David Coleman, an Oxford University academic, who puts the total annual bill to the taxpayer at almost £8.8billion.

In a submission to a House of Lords committee, he said there had been a commitment to increase the population by one million every five years. With the population having swollen by 2million since 1997, they’re well on track for that one.

Apparently, Nu Labour research prior to taking power suggested that 80% of immigrants would vote Labour if they acquired citizenship.

On topic, Panorama did a piece on immigration tonight but conveniently left out the effects of immigration on the social fabric and criminal justice system.

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billm99uk said...

I hope Messrs. Tomkin and McCarthy aren't the "token white dudes" people always feel obliged to include in such lists just to ensure they aren't totally dominated by ethnic minorities. Ask Michael Savage ;)