Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obama's War On Israel Hits A New Milestone

From Joshuapundit:

. . . [T]he Israeli government was stunned when every nuclear technician at Israel's Dimona reactor who had submitted visa requests to visit the United States for ongoing university education in Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering had their visa applications summarily rejected, specifically because of their association with the Dimona reactor.

This is a new policy decision of the Obama administration. Up until now, it was routine for Israeli nuclear scientists and technicians to receive such visas and to study at US universities. . . .

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This is without doubt the most anti-Israel regime ever to inhabit the White House. And to what end? Does Obama think any of his acts are going to bring America closer to the corrupt Islamic regimes in the Middle East. The ground truth in the Middle East is that those regimes want one thing - the destruction of Israel. All else is smoke and mirrors. Nothing short of Obama delivering Israel's head on a platter will satisfy them - and even that will only satisfy them for a day, as their ultimate goals extend far beyond the destruction of Israel. Indeed, do you want to radical Islam go viral, allow Israel to fall. Like everything about this most incompetent of Presidents, Obama is either completely out of touch with reality or consciously following a policy that is wholly against the best interests of the U.S. and one of its closest allies.


Ted Leddy said...

I do not accept that the Obama administration is as anti Israel as you say. Obama has committed $30 billion in military aid to Israel over the next ten years, hardly the conduct of an "anti Israel regime". If Israel expands settlements contrary to US interests then the White House is entitled to make an issue over it. I know the US has had issues over the years with Israeli spies operating in the US. Perhaps the visa issue is connected to this.

Great posts lately GW

GW said...

This is hardly the only issue, Ted, where Obama has taken actions against Israel. Obama has refused to provide Apaches to Israel and he has cancelled bunker busters. The incident over the announcement of approval for construction in East Jerusalem during Biden's visit was virtually a complete creation of Obama. That particular construction was in an area wholly outside any treaty obligations of Israel. It also came at the same time that the PLO dedicated a public square to a terrorist who had murdered scores of Israelis in a suicide bombing. Obama ignored that, yet conducted a public spanking of Netenyahu and followed that up with a snub of Netenyahu when he came to the US to talk about this. All of this comes on top of Obama's giving the treatement of Palestinians moral relevance with the Holocaust. Obama is tying this all into a grand effort to appeal to the corrupt Muslim nations of the Middle East.

Bottom line, if I were an Israeli, I would have real concerns about whether the U.S. had my back. And that really is a first in U.S. Israeli relations to the best of my knowledge.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Ted.
Actually, the US has had a de facto arms embargo on Israel since Obama took office.

Obama has committed nothing to military aid to Israel..that was the US Congress.

In fact, one of the first things Obama did on assuming office was to order the Pentagon to make major changes to the rules and restrict how Israel's military aid is allowed to be used, thus making a large part of it useless..without having to deal with the politics of muscling Congress to cut the aid legislatively.

The fact that these changes took place as soon as Obama took office gives the lie to the fact that the current flap between Israel and the US is the result of an 'insult' or of Jews building a few homes in their capital.

It's sad that you or anyone else would support the idea that Jews living somewhere in peace is somehow 'against US interests',but you're certainly entitled.

Finally, all nations spy on each other, but the last person convicted of espionage on behalf of Israel was Jonathan Pollard..the few other cases have been revealed to be trumped up and were dropped.

I personally feel that the substantial contributions Israel has made in sharing intel with us in the Middle East for decades, especially humint as well as the other strategic benefits of our alliance with them more than compensate.

Rob Miller@Joshuapundit

OBloodyHell said...

> because of their association with the Dimona reactor

So.... they've all been Dimonaized by Obama?


suek said...

To say nothing about the occasion of Obama presenting Netanyahu with a series of demands, and when Bibi indicated his disagreement with the proposed conditions presented to him, Obama left him sitting in a White House room by himself while Obama had dinner alone with his family, with the admonishment that Bibi should "let him know if he changed his mind".

This is the act of a _friend_???