Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pam Stout & The Tea Party Given Voice

According to Entertainment Weekly, David Letterman's interview with grandmother and local tea party leader Pam Stout gave the "Tea Party The Best Showcase Its Ever Had." And I have to agree. Ms. Stout is a matronly 66 yr. old former business woman and naturalized American. She currently presides over the local Tea Party in her area in Idaho. She is as articulate, simple and sincere a woman as you'll ever see.

Letterman kept a light touch throughout the interview, though he did bring his own biases into the interview - Obama's birth certificate, anti-Iraq war, anti-Glen Beck, the claim of Republican fiscal mismanagement - and to each, Ms. Stout's answers were quite good, never backing down and explaining her positions with grace and clarity. Do enjoy this one. Also note the tepid applause at her introduction and the louder applause at the interviews conclusion.

As the Entertainment Weekly author notes

Except nobody else is doing interviews with people like this on TV. Why is it that the most interesting questioning of political issues is still being done not on network news shows, but rather by people like Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Craig Ferguson?

I think that answer is self-evident. The left wants the face of the Tea Party to be Bull Connor. Under no circumstances do they want the general public associating the Tea Party movement with a Pam Stout.

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OBloodyHell said...

I "loved" Letterman's little bait-and-switch at the end of part 2, where he asks her about the birthers, and then subtly attempts to switch her reply over legitimate concern for Obama's obvious and extensive effort to deny access to much of his overall documentation as support for the birther notion itself, which she'd fairly clearly rejected.

He also got obnoxious spouting Lefty Talking Points with regard to Iraq, which has nothing to do with the tea party movement in general.

According to Letterman (part 3) Iraq is now a "hotbed of terrorism" (it is suggested) solely thanks to our invasion, don't you know?

There were, of course, no terrorists there before. Well, except the ones training at Saddam's three known terrorist training camps (out of the six known worldwide as of 2002).

But no, it wasn't a hotbed until *we* invaded... Naw....