Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surreal: Cap & Trade Rises Again

Possibly the only thing with potential to be worse for our economy than Obamacare is Obama's proposed environmental regulation - deconstructing our energy infrastructure while imposing cap and trade. Yet, according to a Reuters Report, gird your loins and hold onto your wallets. Cap and Trade is about to be reintroduced come April 26 - with the monumentally treacherous Lindsey Graham leading the charge on the Republican side. This from Reuters:

A long-awaited compromise bill to reduce U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for global warming will be unveiled by a group of senators on April 26, sources said on Thursday.

The legislative language to be sketched out in 11 days, according to government and environmental sources, is being drafted by Democratic Senator John Kerry, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and independent Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Backers of the environmental bill hope the unveiling will pave the way for the full Senate to debate and pass a measure in June or July if the compromise attracts enough support from a group of moderate Republicans and Democrats. . . .

If like me, you wonder how anyone in Congress could possibly seek to resurrect this abortion after a steady stream of revelations in the wake of Climategate and with an economy that is still far from recovery, the answer is they are either cynically pretending that none of it matters, or they are being wilfully ignorant. For instance, in the Reuters report, as justification for reviving cap and trade, they point out that "[t]he National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Thursday the world's combined land and ocean surface temperatures in March were the hottest on record."

Oh really? Would that be the March where NOAA claimed that the polar regions were on fire, yet satellite footage shows that polar sea ice reached at or near its 1970-2001 average in March - thus meaning that the claims of record high temperatures in the polar regions are ludicrous? (Update: Drudge links to Vostok, Antarctica, today, where the temperature, less wind chill, is a balmy minus 103 degrees farenheit)

And do take a look at the March map from NASA-GISS - showing the polar regions on fire and numerous hot spots around the globe.

On the above map, take a careful look at Finland - shown in red above as experiencing an extremely hot March. Climate Audit dug through the figures and found:

GISS station values are even more spectacular, the warmest March on record is set in every Finnish station GISS is following. For instance, according to GISS, the mean March temperature in Sodankyl√§ (61402836000) was a remarkable +1.5 °C beating the old record (-2.2 °C) from 1920 by 3.7 °C!

Well, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, March 2010 was colder than usual all over Finland, especially in the northern part. For instance, the mean temperature in Sodankyl√§ was -10.3 °C, which is almost three degrees below the base period 1971-2000 average (-7.5 °C). So the GISS March value for Sodankyl√§ is off by amazing 11.8 °C!

To put that in terms of farenheit, that means that NASA is misreporting the temperature at that station in Finland by 21.24 degrees.

That is not a mistake. That is fraud. We have known for some time that the surface data temperature being propounded by the major players in the AGW field are untrustworthy in the extreme. Yet it makes not a wit of difference to our political class, who are preparing to saddle us with massive rents and incredibly invasive laws, all ostensibly to reduce carbon dioxide to save the planet.


Anonymous said...

They're talking about Finland not Iceland.

GW said...

Ahem . . . thank you for pointing that out. The moral of this story is don't blog while watching news of the Icelandic volcano. Changes made.

OBloodyHell said...

Finland, Iceland, it's f***in FREEZING UP THERE!.


feeblemind said...

Some feeble minded thoughts:

I shudder to think what cap & tax will do to the economy, especially if we get a VAT shoved down our throats as well. Talk about a one-two punch to KO the economy. And that's in addition to the end of the Bush tax cuts and the taxes to be imposed by the passage of 0bamacare. Will we have any money left for luxuries like food, clothing, shelter and transportation?

Politically, what do the dems have to lose at this point by enacting these taxes?

I believe it was last week that a dem senator said there were only 26 votes in the Senate for cap & trade. Still, they kept saying there were not enough votes for 0bamacare until the moment it passed. That makes one wonder if the dems indeed will be able to ram cap & tax through?