Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Nominations Are In

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. The Watcher publishes the results each Friday morning.

If you would like to participate in the Council's activites, you have two options. There is no opening on the council at the moment, so if you would like to submit your blog for permanent membership, visit the Watcher's site and follow the instructions you can find linked on the right side bar. Similarly, if you would like to self-nominate one of your posts for competition in the Non-Council category, you will also find the instructions for that at the Watcher's site.

As always, this week's nominations present an eclectic mix of thought-provoking reading.

Do enjoy them all:

Council Submissions

Mere Rhetoric - Academic Linguist: Palin Speaks Like A Cognitive “Toddler,” Linguistically She’s “A Child”

The Razor – Clinton Holds Tea Party to Higher Standards Than Islam

The Colossus of Rhodey - Philly Inquirer offers ed school “solutions” to South Philly school violence

Bookworm Room - Ordinary people view Rush as a dangerous Svengali

The Provocateur - The Politics of Financial Reform

Right Truth - Israel should set up a War Room for Propaganda

Wolf Howling - Thoughts On Britain, Colonialism, and Multiculturalism

The Glittering Eye - Think Small!

Rhymes With Right - Dem Congresscritter Proposes Free School Lunches For Kids — On Weekends!

JoshuaPundit - Stealth Jihad – GOP Senate Wanna-Be Tom Campbell’s Questionable Connections

American Digest - The American Argument

Non-Council Submissions

Doug Ross Journal - Gee, that policy change is quite a shock. In May of 2008, Candidate Obama stated: Israel a “constant sore” that “infects… foreign policy" Submitted by Mere Rhetoric

Beltway Confidential - Is Goldman Obama’s Enron? No, it’s worse Submitted by The Razor

Weekly Standard Blog - Tea Partiers Stand Up for Tea Party-Crashing Teacher Submitted by Colossus of Rhodey

Zombie/Pajamas Media – Crashing the Crashers: Tea Party Infiltrators Outmaneuvered in S.F. Submitted by Bookworm Room

Sign on San Diego - Dog Fighting Portrayal Ruled Legal Submitted by The Provocateur

Caroline Glick - The strategic foundations of the US-Israel alliance Submitted by Right Truth

The Truth In Black & Right - I Like My Tea Black Submitted by Wolf Howling

Zenpundit - More Mackinlay – On Why the USG Doesn’t “Get” AQ as a “Global Insurgency” Submitted by The Glittering Eye

NewsBusters – Time’s Klein: Beck, Palin Potentially Committing Sedition against U.S. Government; Heilemann Adds Limbaugh Submitted by Rhymes with Right

Doug Ross Journal - Ruh RoH: Rep. Darrel Issa demands full disclosure from SEC regarding collusion with the White House and the New York Times over Goldman charges Submitted by JoshuaPundit

Word Around the Net -Creeping Tyranny Submitted by American Digest

Daled Amos - Zionists Kicked Palestinian Arabs Out Of Palestine? Why Do You Think Arabs Came In The First Place? Submitted by The Watcher

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