Sunday, August 22, 2010

As We Roll Into November . . .

. . . some things should not be forgotten. This is one of them.

His assumption of responsiblity didn't last long, did it.

(H/T Flopping Aces)

Update: Afrocity ponders the "blame game" in her Sunday Soliloquy, looking at it in her personal life and on the government stage. As to the latter, she points out that it is as old as Adam and Eve, that it is most oft employed as a means of escaping personal responsibility, and that the left is taking the blame game to new heights. And her we thought that Obama, Pelosi and Reid, et. al, had been hired to fix the problems. Do pay her site a visit.


Anonymous said...

Today on my blog I wrote about Obama and his blame it on Bush game. This guy never quits and you are right Wolf, it is not just about the economy but also about healthcare, the weather and anything he can think of.

Obama never takes responsibility for anything.

GW said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Ms. Afrocity. I am, as I am a big fan of your site, both honored and appreciative.

I just saw your post and updated my own with a link.

MK said...

It was a lie the second he said it and it remains a lie to this day. That's the left for you, once the contract is signed and the deal is done, they're screwing you over within seconds.