Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's "Pre-Revolutionary" America

As I wrote the other day, responding to the unilateral amendment of our Constitution and the dismissal of the vote of seven million Californians by a federal judge in the Perry case:

Indeed, every American should be spitting blood over this [fundamental usurpation of power by the judge] . . . .

If this stands, then we are no longer citizens of a United States governed voluntarily within the framework of a Constitutional covenant, but rather subjects ruled by the police power of a government every bit as imperious as the one we got rid of over two centuries ago.

And today, Democratic pollster Pat Caddell points out that there is a massive disconnect between the people of America and the far left who have "hijacked the Democratic party." Calling the mood of our country "pre-revolutionary," Caddell points out that the vast majority of Americans do not believe that our politicians are governing "with the consent of the governed." Do watch the whole video.

(H/T Maggies Farm)

I would also point to Peggy Noonan's article in the WSJ wherein she states that she has never observed America so close to the point of "boiling over." You can find the link in my post "Let Them Eat Argula."

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KG said...

Superb! And very heartening. I'd have preferred to see Pat Cadell left to make his point without interruption, but I guess television 'personalities' have too much ego for that.

GW said...

Hello KG. Yes, it is heartening indeed. Times they are a changing. It was only 18 months ago that people were writing the obituary for the right. Now having tasted hard left leadership for a year and a half, America is choking on it.