Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's Baaack . . .

Dr. Sanity, one of the most interesting of bloggers in our little world, has come back to the blogosphere. With a keen sense of humor and an ability to explain the psychology at work of her subjects, she was and is invaluable. Do book mark her site and start visiting daily.

This from her recent essay, BETWEEN BRAINS:

To the degree that the "selfless" do-gooder type has significant to unlimited political power to manipulate the market or economy for their "compassionate" and glorious utopian fantasies (and along the way, of course, to personally enrich themselves) then they become a real danger to the entire society. This type of malignant narcissist is the hallmark of the socialist/communist/collectivist society, and theoretically has less room to indulge their grandiose selves in a democracy. But not always, as the citizens of the U.S. have come to appreciate.

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