Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cordoba House - An Obscenity At Ground Zero

I was planning a long post on the "Cordoba House" project to build an Islamic complex one block from ground zero. The project, headed by a Salafi Imam, Fesiel Abdul Rauf, is being undertaken ostensibly to improve Islamic-American relations. The reality is that this planned complex is an obscenity aimed at furthering the goal of Muslim supremacy. Even the name of the project - referring to Cordoba - the Spanish Christian territory once conquered by Muslim invaders only to be reconquered by Christians some seven centuries ago - should be a clue as to the intent of the Salafists seeking to build this Muslim complex next to ground zero. Salafists still view southern Spain as rightfully theirs and have dreams of reconquering the territory, just as they dream of imposing Islam throughout the world, with Sharia thereafter to be enforced by the sword as it is throughout all Muslim dominated countries.

At any rate, I could not do any better than Robert Avrech in explaining why the Cordoba Project has no business being built a block from Ground Zero. This from Robert at Seraphic Secret:

The Ground Zero Mosque is designed as a monument to the supremacy of Islam.

It is designed as a sign to Muslims everywhere that Islam will triumph over the Judeo-Christian West. . . .

The Imam and his wife—stealth jihadists with strong ties to The Muslim Brotherhood—use the language of tolerance to hide their true intentions. . . .

Mayor Bloomberg and the other quislings who invoke freedom of religion are a bunch of useful idiots.

Tolerance of the intolerant is not a virtue.

It is suicide.

Would Bloomberg and his Liberal mob allow some White Identity group to build a church at the motel where Martin Luther King was assasinated in the name of tolerance?

Of course not.

Islam is not just a religion.

It is a social, political ideology whose stated purpose is to impose Sharia on all of humanity.

Islam means submission.

And the Islamists intend to make us all submit to their barbarism.

In short, Islam is engaged in an endless war with non-Muslims.

And unless we in the West acknowledge this fact, we will lose.

Do see Robert's entire post.

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OBloodyHell said...

It's quite clear -- someone needs to pilot a remote-controlled plane into the finished mosque and blow it up.

A demonstration of:
a) Delicious irony
b) How superior technology in the hands of Americans does the job needed far better than clumsy Islamic fanaticism could ever hope to.
c) We DON'T take this crap. F*** 'em. Up the a**. With no lube. C*********s.