Sunday, August 15, 2010

The "Great Land Grab"

Michelle Malkin has a horrifying article up today on the Obama administrations plan to, by executive order, massively expand the land holdings of the federal government. As it stands today, the federal government already owns one in three acres of U.S. land. Moreover, it appears that this vast expansion would be undertaken with an eye to preventing any possiblity of exploiting the natural resources on the land - in addition to taking over control of energy production long in control of the states.

So while our nation's economy tanks, the left wants to close off ever more opportunities to exploit our natural resources and create jobs. When you realize that more than half of our annual trade deficit comes from importing oil, that should put it all in perspective. Is there anything that the Obama administration and the hard left do to our nation that will not have to be undone - if it can be undone - in the coming years?

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